How We Accept Secure Payments Online.

Updated: Jul 6

Every successful chocolate purchase needs easy, secure ways for customers to pay. With Island Sharks Chocolate, you can pay using multiple internationally trusted ways. Follow this guide to choose the best payment solution for your chocolate:

  1. How would you like to pay?

  2. How do I pay for wholesale Island Sharks Chocolate?

  3. Do we accept in person payments?

  4. Venmo is for orders over Direct messages, Private messages.

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Secure Online Payments

01. Pay However You Want!

We accept payments online using multiple payment options at checkout. Payment methods are the way you pay for your chocolate. There’s a variety of payment methods out there, including debit/credit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, unique local payment methods and more. Keep in mind that available payment methods are fewer in rural Hawai'i. We don't yet accept crypto yet, for example. When consider the payment methods you can cross-reference with your chocolate purchase later. In many, or all cases, only one method of payment is possible.

So, please choose one payment method! For the biggest, best and brightest Hawaiian Bean to Bar Chocolate, please pay using:

  • Wix Payments. Our native payment provider gives you the most efficient way to send debit/credit card payments for your Hawaiian Chocolate.

  • PayPal. You can choose PayPal at checkout. You can use PayPal with debit/credit cards as well, at checkout. You'll be sent to PayPal and then back to Wix to confirm your chocolate purchase.

  • Not Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL). Nope. Our chocolate shop is only and online chocolate shop but you can still get your favorites like Vegan White Chocolate or Ceremonial Cacao using an electronic method of payment.

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02. How do I pay for wholesale Island Sharks Chocolate?

It is built, thanks for your patience. Our wholesale store will be synced in a few days for bigger orders thanks to Syncee. Check back soon! [Update:There are 2 ways now to pay wholesale]

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Wholesale Hawaiian Chocolate

03. Accept In-Person Payments Unless you are in Hawai'i on the Big Island, the answer is no. You can always Pay via a link if you prefers to pay securely via our site, and you do live here. We get it. Neighbors "no need" pay shipping.

04. Venmo is for orders over Direct messages, Private messages.

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Wholesale Chocolate over Venmo Too!

We’ll venture a guess and say that when it comes to paying, you want it to be secure. Well we do take orders over social media, since we have no social media store. We only have our website store. If you want secure orders over social media you got it. Just Direct Message or Private Message us your order! We simplify orders and payments over Social Media Direct Messages and Private Messages by using Venmo or Paypal. We will always be happy to send you a payment link as well since we do not accept cash in person for chocolate. Thanks for choosing Island Sharks Chocolate as your trusted and secure way to buy Hawai'i's Best Chocolate!