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Chocolate is made differently in different places.
Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Bean to Bar Chocolate

What is Bean to Bar Chocolate?

Have you ever experienced flavorless, waxy and saccharine sweet chocolatey bars? Sorry to start off this way but remember, everyone starts eating it, as children. We develop tastes and distinction of flavor as we get older as most of us may remember hating certain foods while being young. Candy bars and chocolate it seems has imprinted on us, what it is. Let’s break down what chocolate is first and then we will talk about how and while we are getting older, we develop tastes for things like double IPA craft beers, non-pastuerized French Fromage and of course the most complex of all, Bean to Bar Chocolate. Why is Bean to Bar Chocolate?

Bean-to-bar Chocolates
Bean-to-bar Chocolate

Many sommelier’s of wine or premium coffee such as of the infamous civet poop, claim to taste 600 and 300 respectively. Whiskey on televisions seems to surprise even this author when one of them claims that has over 200 tasting notes. Chocolate sommeliers have published on easily accessible websites that there are as many as 1,200 flavors in Bean to Bar Chocolate. This is important for so many sensory experts like chefs, brewmasters and even caterers.

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If you want to subvert your clientele’s taste repertoire, bring an assortment of Bean to Bar Chocolate from around the world. Even a restauranteur,, mixologist or foodie could understand that the potential to explore all of those numerous chocolate tastes. What most don’t understand is the significance of taste exploration happening now.

When is Bean to Bar Chocolate? For the past 40 years, approximately, some culinarians have explored places like “The Chocolate Island”, Madagascar and surprisingly Hershey’s explored planting cacao in Hawai’i USA over 60 years ago. Now, there are over 1,000 Bean to Bar companies in the United States alone and the craft chocolate market is valued at 100 Million dollars in fiscal year 2019.

Who is Bean to Bar Chocolate?

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Some craft chocolate makers start from the bean. Some start from the trees themselves by growing and picking the plant over years and are Farm to Bar Chocolate Makers. There are even some styles of farming where those growers do not make the chocolate on the farm. That is called Tree to Bar. They may make the chocolate nearby or simply hand-pick and hand-ferment the cacao beans bought from an independent farm. The configurations are growing so hopefully the nomenclature is simple and here to stay. I will note that folks like my colleague here also have all different ways of teaching and educating people on the subject. Where is Bean to Bar Chocolate? Bean to Bar chocolate rarely comes from Africa. However the exceptions are very well known, awarded and ethically reputable. Some of the provide the highest appraised beans in the world. The double caveat? Most of the world’s chocolate comes from Africa and it is not made Bean to Bar. It is reconstituted chocolate or “Big Chocolate”, like in the opening of our article. That type of confection, produced by “candy bar” companies, must have at least 10% cacao or it will have to be labeled as “chocolatey”. This happened in the past and some companies went back to adding at least 10% cacao in bars.

All comerical cacao in the world is grown in these regions.
The Cacao Belt

How is Bean to Bar Chocolate? Bean to bar chocolate is made by not reconstituting the bean. Bean to bar chocolate is made from the whole bean and it's more of a whole food. Leaving the bean intact means that the nutrition is intact and therefore the flavors. Or, flavor first comes first, whichever you prefer. Personally, while drafting this, 100% ethical bean to bar chocolate seems to be the most unbelievable and miraculous thing and it is the norm. It does happen and it is very strange but even the most known perpetrators of child slavery in reconstituted “Big Chocolate”, have been starting to make “Bean to Bar” chocolate.

So, now that we have grown in understanding of Bean to Bar Chocolate, the last thing to do before eating some! If it is not labeled “Bean to Bar”, it is not “Bean to Bar’, most craft chocolate makers are very proud of it. They will be very proud of you for growing up your taste buds, educating your palette and tasting like a semi-professional. Casual eating is overrated and bad chocolate is unacceptable. Thanks for reading!

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