We've Launched Pono Cocoa Afore Halloween for Ethical Shoppers

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Finding ethical chocolates is too easy now! You have no excuse with Pono Cocoa’s biggest and updated list of ethical cocoa farmers and craft chocolate makers from around the world.

Here is the PRESS RELEASE: 07.26.2021

Pono Cocoa's Logo
Pono Cocoa Logo

With Halloween shy of one and a half month away, people are soon to make preps for massive chocolate shopping. In that light, a new visionary charity organization, Pono Cocoa, is precluding to make Halloween even more special than ever by inspiring parents and kids to choose ethical chocolates. The organization has launched the world’s largest and most up-to-date database of slave-free chocolates on the internet to ensure a convenient way to find ethical chocolates.

3 steps to end child slavery.
The Pono Cocoa Plan

“Pono” is a Hawaiian word which translates to “Righteousness” in English.

Pono Cocoa is a non-for-profit 501c (3) charity run by a passionate team of international cocoa farmers, chocolatiers and craft chocolate makers. The organization is based in Hawaii but has international team members in Ghana, Italy and Belgium.

“Millions of people eat “Big Chocolate” products over Halloween but unfortunately most of them are not aware that they are farmed by what is considered “the worst forms of child-labor out of any industry”. They have been sold or trafficked and tortured, which is illegal. “Big Chocolate”, profits off their labor illegally. It’s about time we align our wallets to the voice of protest against gross injustice meted out to them by switching to pono cocoa, stated a leading spokesperson from Pono Cocoa.

“Good thing is, there is a small niche of ethical cocoa farms/farmers and craft chocolate makers today but they have not gained mass attention yet. Thus, a lot of people are not aware of where to buy ethical chocolates even when they want to. But, this is where Pono Cocoa comes to your, and th

What can Pono Cocoa do?
Pono Cocoa Reach

e kids, rescue. We have compiled the world’s biggest and most updated database of ethical slave-free chocolate brands on the internet so that all of you can embrace our mission — “Change your chocolate, and change lives.””

While asked about the inspiration behind the charity, the spokesperson mentioned the unfortunate life-story of a former child slave who used to work on a cocoa farm. Today, the child is an adult, makes chocolates, and voices the urgent need of establishment of ethical standards in the cocoa farming and chocolate making scene. He wanted to advocate for these ethical standards in a more organized way to inspire more people about the need for ethical chocolates. Thus, Pono Cocoa was born.

All the chocolate brands listed in the Pono Cocoa list have been extensively vetted by Pono Cocoa and other leading experts based on “beyond ethical” standards. Each of these brands hold the independent cacao farmer’s Pono Cocoa Seal – a certification that identifies truly independent cacao farmers and chocolatiers who only grow ethical cocoa and make ethical chocolate. To receive the Pono Cocoa seal, a cocoa farm/farmer and/or craft chocolate maker must hold a set of strict eligibility criteria-

  • Exclusively 100% child-slave free cocoa supply chain

  • Should be able to meet Pono Cocoa’s definitions of “beyond ethical”, “independent cacao farmer and/or craft chocolate maker”

  • Strict compliance with Pono Cocoa’s ethical standards

  • Complete the FREE Typeform registration on the site

The seal is used as a hallmark by businesses (Pono Cocoa farmers/makers/cafes/stores) to show their participation in or with Pono Cocoa and slave free chocolate.

Pono Cocoa Poster
Pono Cocoa Poster

Pono Cocoa has listed all the ethical chocolate brands in alphabetical order. The list is evolving everyday while with your help, eradicating child-slavery in cocoa.

For more information, please visit

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