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What is Cacao Tea?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Pure Cacao Husk

Its not camellia sinensis, the main component in green tea. It is however a hot water extraction, just like common tea. The main difference is that cacao tea is an extraction of cacao bean husks and fine cacao nib dust. In other words, its the whole bean. And, its not a leaf like normal tea. We call it cacao "tea", just because its easier. Chocolate is just the inside of the cacao bean. Cacao Tea is a more holistic approach to chocolate. Most people have NEVER had cacao tea.

Cacao Husk
Cacao Husk

Some of the theobromine, the stimulate in cacao, migrates to the husk during fermentation. So, this drink is extremely stimulating.

For those of you who know cacao's 3800 years of history, you won't find it a surprise that drinking cacao has been around a lot longer than the chocolate bar. Cacao was a beverage for millennia.

Drinking cacao tea is like walking back in history, back in time, to something sacred and lost. It kills the need for coffee and the husks and dust are both free of caffeine ( That means that this "food of the gods", was not only a "drink of the gods" but also that it is non-addictive. It is non-habit-forming.

Brewed Cacao Tea
Brewed Cacao Tea

Here is what some folks have said about drinking cacao tea;

"....its rich in antioxidants and flavanoids" (, "drinking cacao tea does not excite nerves, does not influence but helps sleeping, and improves sleeping quality (as well as) delaying bodily aging to a certain extent more than traditional tea leaves". ( Are you excited to try it yet? It's HUGE in the Caribbean (for breakfast) and we have 5 delicious all Hawaii grown cacao tea flavors here!

Hawaiian Cacao Tea with Hawaiian Mint

Each flavor offers a necessary medicinal benefit all while raising good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol ( Our 100% Pure Cacao Tea offer 40x the antioxidants of blueberries and even tumor fighting compounds, a classic chocolate flavor and long lasting healthy stimulation from theobromine. I love listing all the benefits.

Pure Hawaiian Cacao Tea

If you want even more vitamins and minerals and caffeine try our cacao tea blend with unsmoked yerba mate. It will keep you awake, focused and energized for hours -- with no crashing! If you want to get up and go all day, and you want a break from coffee, try this natural plant remedy. The reishi and cinnamon cacao tea was put together for several reasons. It will regulate your blood sugar, help you relax and maybe the best recipe for immortality, ever. Cinnamon will balance your brain chemistry but the reishi is adaptogenic so it helps with whatever you need. Reishi mushroom even earned the name, "The mushroom of immortality." This is how to take your health to the next level.