Creamier than milk. Milkier than dairy. All powered by flowers and plants.  This bar IS our most popular.  It contains no cacao.  It does contain cocoa butter and coconut as a heavenly base. The Ice Cream Orchard a.k.a. Vanilla is as smooth as silk in the nose. It comes from flowers that are hand pollinated. That means no bugs or animals make vanilla beans.  Our farmers, do it by hand. They act like the bugs and the birds. No bee suits required. 

You will see taste and smell the aromas of the cured hand pollinated vanilla as soon as you unwrap this. 

Its totally vegan and so there is no excuse not to indulge in 3 of these opulently light white chocolate.

Vegan 0 Percent White Chocolate w/ 100% Hawaiian Vanilla Bean 3-Pack!