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Chocolate Sommelier Course

Indulge in the art of cocoa with our chocolate sommelier course, a sensory journey tailored for connoisseurs and passionate enthusiasts alike. We take pride in fostering a community that values the craftsmanship behind every decadent piece, and we warmly welcome you to take part.  

The chocolate sommelier course is more than just an educational offering; it's a doorway to a new level of chocolate appreciation. This course is a heartfelt invitation to join a world where chocolate is not just a treat, but an artform and luxury worth appreciating. From a monthly online chocolate tasting class to flavor wheels, we have many resources ready to help you become a cacao expert. Expand your knowledge and love for chocolate with our sommelier course today.  

Grab and Print Your Own Professional Bean-to-bar Chocolate-Tasting Tools
Take the full Chocolate Sommelier School Certification Course and GET CERTIFIED 
as a Chocolate Sommelier

The Chocolate Sommelier School text- book "The Bean-to-bar Chocolate Tasting Guide"
is available below

Island Sharks Chocolate IS Hawai'i's ONLY
Vegan, Gluten-Free, Black & Disabled Owned
Online Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate. Check out our Tasting Guides!



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