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The Johnny  Appleseed of cacao in Hawai'ibegan getting neighbors farmers and entrepenuers to plant cacao all over the island. It worked and then they all came to him for growing tips and harvesting techniques. They all began fermenting and cracking and drying their beans together.  This was about 25 years ago.

After discovering for himself, the amount of hardwork it takes opening cacaos, Tom Sharkey began coffee shops and farm tours to recieve the labor benefit of curious clients.  A lot of hard work was still left to be done and cacao pulp nectar became one of the rwards, next to finished chocolate, that all his volunteers would get as recompense.  

Ethan Swift, joined the Sharkey Ohana in 2011 after consuming massive daily quantities of Sharkey's Chocolate.  He was brought in as the brand developer.  He has 5 years of chocolate making experience with multiple chocolate startups in his earlier years in the islands.


Hawaiian Cacao called and Erin Sharkey answered. He put his professional career in California to help 


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