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Banned and Illegal Cacao and Chocolate Claims

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

My personal claim
I CANT SAY, "Chocolate Makes You Smarter".

In the United States, it is illegal to label products with their health benefits. Read that again. A lemon is cleansing and detoxifying but its not printed on the produce. Lemon essential oil? Well no store in America is legally allowed to claim their essential oils have any healing properties at all.

You need a Doctor and even then there are extensive limitations. What we are talking about IS medicine. The FDA has banned products from shelves that make that claim. Even in all the health food stores, from the lemons to the spirulina, no information or scientific evidence is claimed. Did you notice?

Here are some banned and illegal facts we cannot say about our Hawaiian Cacao: Cacao contains more Iron than beef Cacao contains more calcium then milk Cacao contains more theobromine than any other food Cacao contains more magnesium than any other food Cacao contains more anti-oxidants than any other food

Cacao fights some forms of cancer

Cacao fights Covid-19 Cacao fights Alzheimer's

Cacao is anti-viral and anti-bacterial Cacao is number 1 for strengthening teeth Cacao is thermogenic (fat-burning) Cacao is psychoactive Cacao has nitric oxide, a vasodilator Cacao has several cannabinoids

Cacao has 2 SSRI's (anti-depressants)

Cacao increases nutrient absorption We cannot tell you these things and we are not legally allowed to use this as marketing!

We are not doctor's and do not offer and real medical advice. The FDA does not approve of this information. We can verify based on our sharky experiences though! Cacao gets you high! One our favorite facts is that cacao was originally a beverage! Have you ever drank cacao? Try our stimulating 100% Ceremonial Grade Brew-able Cacao Bar! It has no sugar (it's unsweetened) and tastes like pure Hawaiian mana. There are over 1200 flavors!

The facts and flavors never stop and you don't have to either! Check out this article about cacao, chocolate and addiction. Please note! Our scrumptious and heart-warming Ka'u Coffee Chocolate Bar (*update, no longer available) DOES have caffeine, and IT IS addictive, and IT IS peaberry coffee. Thats the most tasty part of the coffee plant. It also has the most caffeine! We are torn! Let us know what YOU think about marketing with health regulations when marketing cacao. Have you ever had Cacao or Coffee Chocolate on the daily?



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