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Pono Cocoa and Slave Free Chocolate

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

**Update. Pono Cocoa's donations did not fund the website this year** These to companies exists and have some positive similarities and possible areas for improvement!

Pono Cocoa Propaganda
Slave-free chocolate | Slave-Free Cocoa

First off, Pono Cocoa is non for profit 501 c (3) I started with an international team of cocoa farmers, craft chocolate makers and chocolatiers. Our mission is to change your chocolate and change lives.

Slave Free Chocolate is by A. R., who was an inspiration to the Pono Cocoa team. She spent years compiling the world's first list of child slave free chocolate. Its time we all start shopping on one or another or both.

Pono Cocoa's Petition
Pono Cocoa Petition

You see, A.R. are colleagues but not in business or any other type of partnership. We just mutually decided the world is better with more lists of slave free chocolate in it. She humbly agreed to allow use of her list with which we were able to augment in Pono Cocoa. Now we have the world's largest and most up to date child slave cocoa list in the world. A. R. assures me collaboration in this way will make a better world for all. With Pono Cocoa we will be actively marketing and promoting pono cocoa affiliates. We are more that just a list or a database, we are a marketing firm that volunteers for "beyond ethical' chocolates.

As you can see there have been petitions. They have expired. The first Pono Cocoa petition is right below.

Please join our Pono Cocoa Facebook Discussion Group Here. Please sign our Pono Cocoa Petition to get Hershey's to stop using illegal child-labor here. Please donate to Pono Cocoa here! I have been very busy working on Island Sharks Chocolates' marketing (social media) and Pono Cocoa for over 3 years. I hope you will appreciate my work and effort making slave free chocolate here in Hawai'i! We had 10 slave free chocolates within 1 year of opening. It may not last forever! We may scale back from these ten here. Try all of our PONO COCOA CERTIFIED CHILD SLAVE FREE CHOCOLATES on THE PONO COCOA LIST HERE We will be launching the whole - 10 pack for the holidays so you can try all the flavors at a more affordable price! Stay tuned for more.


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