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What does cacao fruit taste like?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

An open cacao pod and an open chocolate bar
Cacao fruit doesn't taste like Lychee, or chocolate!

Not Lychee. Do NOT say lychee. Well maybe if you have had an inferior lychee, then yes. Kaimana lychee's is not the subject of the article but they are delicious and in season right now (May to July only)! Quality lychees ooze cherry-rose perfume

Kaimana Lychee opened and unopened
Kaimana Lychee's Are No Ka Oi!

People say lychee because they do not have a large vocabulary of exotic fruit!

Raw Cacao Pulp Flavor Wheel
Raw Cacao Pulp Flavor Wheel

We have created this "Taste Without Color", Raw Cacao Pulp Flavor Wheel to help!

On the wheel you will see fruit you have never heard of or tasted. The flavor wheel may be difficult to use because not many people know a lot of exotic fruits or their nuances in flavor. So, to use this, just know that generally, cacao fruit tastes like a lot of exotic fruits but it is not complex. The inside of the bean is complex. After fermentation that is. Cacao fruit tastes generically like a lot of tropical fruit.

A cacao pod thats pointy.
A Pointy Cacao Pod

Lychee, at its most fine is rosey, blossmy and dripping with sticky clear jasmine like fragrance as well. It's great for cardiovascular health. Let us know what you taste! Use hashtag #sharksshare (its our new hashtag!) and (eventually) you will get to see what everyone tastes using #sharksshare ! We have more flavor wheels coming for chocolate, tongue sensations and chocolate pairings! Follow us on instagram HERE to stay tuned! Aloha, Island Sharks Ohana


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