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What is "Big Chocolate"? AKA the world's favorite candy bar and treats.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

"Big Chocolate" is a nickname for all the biggest chocolate companies in the world.

You probably know the names of the companies. Hershey's, Nestle, Chocolove Mondelez Int'l, Barry Callebaut, Ghiradhelli, Godiva, Dove, Lindt, Mars, M & Ms, Reese's, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Fair Trade for Life, Cadbury, Ritter Sport, Snickers are just a few of the companies considered as a part of "Big Chocolate".

Big Chocolate Companies
Not Child-Slave Free Chocolate

It seems innocent. But they have all admitted, confessed and fessed up to massive amounts of trafficked children illegally farming their cacao for over 100 years. So, they are not innocent but are responsible for their #corporateshame . Pono Cocoa, a non for profit vowing the immediate end of child slavery within the cocoa supply chains, says it's illegal for "Big Chocolate" to profit. For more activism on this issue, please visit them at

Pono Coco Logo or Seal
Pono Cocoa Logo

As a craft chocolate maker we are proud to work with non for profits like them as we do not support, eat or condone "Big Chocolate" -- We agree with Pono Cocoa, and are on their list of ethical chocolate makers. We are pono cocoa and so also we believe "Big Chocolate" should not be allowed to profit from illegally produced goods. Its the law.

"Big Chocolate" uses illegal labor practices and human rights violations to profit. We all know they profit in the billions so don't be surprised its estimated 1.5 million minors are trafficked, denied education, forced into unpaid labor and tortured for the candy we give our kids. Its cheap, abusive and non-competitive.

The cost of paying our farmers is more than in the photo below where the trafficked children are bereft of any pay.

Child Slaves in Cocoa

Island Sharks Chocolate pays some of the highest prices for cacao in the world. We are proud to pay our Hawaii farmers livable wages, but we cannot compete with "Big Chocolate". You can make a difference.

You see black lives matter in cocoa and we are black owned and my ancestors are from areas where child slavery is used to farm cocoa. Black lives matter so much in cocoa I created my own child #slavefreechocolate, my own #ponococoa.

So, changing your chocolate, changes lives.

A child enslaved in cocoa
Cocoa Slaves

"Big Chocolate" has been successful because the systemic institutions of white supremacy are still working fine. They have not been dismantled yet.

. So won't you please help us #decolonizecacao and shop our Vegan White Chocolate, Ceremonial Cacao or whatever your bliss. Come swim with us -- the 'chocolate' is fine!

Sharks Chocolate is Child-Slavery Free | Slave-Free Chocolate



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