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What's the Difference Between Cacao vs. Cocoa

**Updated** There are many. Let's cover all of them al below!

Hawaii Cacao, Hawaiian Cacao and Hawaiian Bean-to-bar chocolate
Cocoa Powder Vs. Cacao Powder

First off, there is the spelling. The spelling difference is there because of the tree's names that chocolate comes from is Theobroma Cacao.

Cacao beans made into cacao nibs.
Cacao beans made for bean to bar chocolate

The fruits of that tree, commonly found growing on the trunks looking like M and Ms scattered across equatorial farms are referred to as cacao or cacao's (if you have multiple varieties). Cacao is what cocoa is made from.

Cocoa is typically in powder form.

Craft made cocoa powder for craft chocolate
Cocoa Powder Craft Chocolate

Cacao refers to the fruit of the tree Theobroma Cacao but when does the naming shift?

Nibs and Fresh Cacao Pods with pulp and leaves.
Cacao Pods and Nibs from the Theobroma Cacao Tree

What happens to cacao, is that is is made into a few different products, one of them is cocoa. Another is chocolate. The thing is chocolate can be made from cocoa too. So, its understandable that there is much confusion on the subject. Also, cacao can be powderized (although its commonly in disc, bar or other ceremonial form). Cacao is less processed than cocoa and it so the nomenclature has to be this complex.

Cocoa Powder made from Hawaiian Craft Chocolate
Bean to Bar or Farm to Bar Cocoa Powder

Cocoa is number 2 in antioxidants and cacao is number one in quantity out of all foods. You see people consume cacao and cocoa for different reasons and different seasons and reasons! Cocoa is water soluble. It will dissolve. And cacao will not dissolve in water. It can emulsify in water but that more important if you are writing recipes for ganache or truffles.

Brown Cacao Powder, not cocoa powder
Ground Cacao

Cacao is not reverse compatible with cocoa because it is hydrophobic. Depending on what recipe one is making or consuming will determine the more useful product.

Theobroma Cacao Beans
Beatiful Hawaii Cacao Beans

In the industry at large you won't hear words like cacao paste, cacao ceremony or bean to anything very often at all. Its', "niche". You won't even hear cacao nibs or cacao powder. Thats because "Big Industry" can make more profit from processing cacao into cocoa powder as the by-product is cocoa butter. Some countries like Vietnam grow cacao to harvest cocoa butter and sell cocoa powder locally in farmer's markets as a by-product. Cacao is anything that can be made into cocoa or sold as or for cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Cacao powder is simply great and so we are in continual development on our ceremonial cacao recipes. Here is cacao bar you can melt in hot water! Just click that text. Cocoa is and has been cacao purchased and used for profiting. Cocoa is any processed cacao. Cacao is unprocessed cocoa. Check this photo out.

a comparison of cocoa vs. cacao
Awesome Breakdown by

Typically we only use 1 ingredient. It will grind for 5 days and age for 30 and yes that ingredient is Hāmākua Grown Cacao. What better origin for a ceremonial cacao is there than the Island coast the translates to "The Breathe of God". We don't make cocoa but our cacao ceremony bar you need to subscribe to, will melt and dissolve in your cup right on cue and in alignment with your intention. We would never sell cocoa being this close to the source of pristine jungle where we can harvest cacao in ways that respect the local traditions. Its just like cocoa. This author doesn't really understand why mixing cacao in a cup of hot water was too hard for people. Why did they take out the cocoa butter and a lot of the nutrients in a cup of hot chocolate?

Cacao powder and cocoa powder in cups
Cacao Vs. Cocoa

People drink hot cocoa and put cocoa in recipes, drinks or to bake with. Cacao is for those that wish to have the true experience the Nahua people of Mexico made the core of their culture (among other indigenous peoples). Cacao is for those who wish to connect to their ancestors via a cup of hot liquid. Cacao is for those who wish for plant medicine to heal them. Cacao is for everyone but cocoa, cocoa is just for levity.

Hawai'i Cocoa and Craft Chocolate
Cocoa vs. Cacao

So next time someone asks you about cacao or cocoa, make sure you take the educated choice. The choice that honors 5300 years of traditional cacao use, your body's needs and your spirit's quest or corporate commodities. Cocoa is capitalism.


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