Our masterpiece and ode to our ancestors. Peat, soil from Scotland, is smoked to infused barley. Laphroaig Whisky is made from that barley, after its fermented, distilled and aged for 10 years.  That is when we pour it over our delicately roasted Hilo Grown Cacao Nibs. They soak in earthy, sweet and malty Scotch for over 2 months, infusing the soon to be chocolate with its richness. The flavors blossom and burst with just a touch more sugar than our typical 72% percent. 3 words. Chocolate Bar Cocktail.  It taste more like whisky than the actual spirits! Taste your favorite flavors deeper, bolder and now more pronounced than ever.  Yes, chocolate pairs with aged whiskies very well. The creaminess and fatiness of our Hilo origin adds unimaginable depth. I could describe the bar forever. It will always taste better than words I can fit in my mouth!

10 - Year Laphroaig Scotch-Whiskey Infused 71% Hawaiian Dark Chocolate