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How to Get High From Cacao

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Drink a lot of it and get off your anti-depressants. They (MAO-I's in cacao) can interact with SSRI's. Mostly because cacao already has its own SSRI's. Do NOT take my medical advice.

So really, firstly, wash your hands.

Then, do not attempt to get high on cacao unless you observe the other 3 following things.

Get clean from pharmaceuticals because no plant medicine interacts with Western Medicine particularly well. You can get Serotonin Syndrome. It only lasts for about 24 hours but its like if your happiness had a hang over. Alcohol doesn't help. And, getting high on anything is a little escapist. Lets call this exploring the chemicals in cacao. It just sounds better.

So you are going to drink more cacao than ever. Why specifically? Well if you want to get cacao high you cannot get sugar high, you'll miss it. Sugar is a stronger and way more addictive drug, than almost anything. So, here is your recipe: 2 or 3 ounces of cacao

Brew in about 6 ounces of hot water. Everything must melt. Sure, for foamy frothy niceness uses and electronic frother. Yes cacao has foam. A little bit. Stay calm. Oh and yeah, cacao is beverage. More on that in another post.

Cacao was prized for its foam but made from a bean thats simpler in flavor than our complex chocolate bars farmed from a strain known for complexity. Drink it. Become it. Pray to it and pray to yourself. Cacao gives you a high and its spiritual.

What does that even mean?

Well the chemicals associated with bliss, anti-depression, mood-elevation and literally feeling "high" are all involved. Some call it church. Plant medicines have always had spiritual purpose. We may just not know what it is. For example, do you want a spiritual high 24/7? Then drink cacao all the time. Unfortunately, no one needs that. Near that, close to that even but it keep me up at night. 5 cups a day is enough to remember the experience, everyday. Ceremony is a better word than high. You see, if not consuming cacao, people do not spiritual experiences out side of church. A spiritual high, or experience at all is scheduled it seems.

Melting Hawaiian Chocolate
Melting Hawaiian Chocolate

So help yourself to your self and all those marvelous chemicals in cacao that have been singing, dancing and praying! Try our 100% Hawaiian Cacao Bar first thing in the morning if you are even a little bit more curious why ceremonies and getting high got so misunderstood.

Preparation of Vegan Ceremonial Cacao
Vegan Ceremonial Cacao


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