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SCOTUS In Fear of MAGA, Okays Discrimination!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Welcome to an underwater analogy, of being safely trapped in scuba gear, in a steel cage where we delve into deep water with only the silver bars to keep you safe from predators. Readers should take a deep breathe because a crooked SCOTUS, with some significant legal developments may drown the real world industry of craft chocolate. As makers of it, Island Sharks Chocolate (this author included), invite you to indulge in a progressive craft chocolate bar company while mentally masticating this gummy, thought-provoking article. Explore the Supreme Court's recent decision regarding free speech and same-sex marriage carefully. Especially its impact on the laws surrounding discrimination. Join us in solidarity on this thrilling and controversial blog-of-consequence about why Island Sharks Chocolate is at the top of the food chain... Its an alluring craft chocolate bar for enthusiasts like you, socially conscious and thoughtful reader. And, because of the intangible shark cage diving thread in this article, its obvious you understand this social issues somewhat. To research just the SCOTUS decision alone, go here.

The Supreme Court's decision last week broke ground. The Supreme Court upheld the importance of free speech rights in the context of same-sex marriage. The ruling centered around Lorie Smith, a web designer from Colorado, who passionately argued for her First Amendment rights to express views she opposed. And mostly she spoke about her religious rules towards same-sex marriage. Island Sharks Chocolate recognizes the significance of freedom of expression and celebrates individuality in every bite of our exotic, single-estate sourced, hand-wrapped, proudly BIPOC made chocolate. In Lorie's case, there was no gay client. It was just the speculation of what would happen if she denies service, in that situation, that was heard on trial. We, the author (and editor too), have some religious beliefs about MAGA. But A SCOTUS decision made based on a situation that never happene?! As a writer, I think thats too much. We are banning all MAGA, as self-loving chocolate makers, our religious practices won't allow us to serve to people who have certain deplorable lifestyles. You know what, chatGPT tattled why we should discriminate against MAGA in 30 points. Here's what Island Sharks can do without MAGA:

  1. Achieve and maintain unity through the paradox of tolerance

  2. Empowerment of marginalized voices (like a black-owned chocolate shop in Hawai'i).

  3. Reflect customers values who prioritize a shared sense of purpose

  4. Respecting our constitutional principles

  5. We inspire social change, not cult - conservatives

  6. Cultivating a superior reputation

  7. Encourage constructive community dialogue (end divisiveness)

  8. Supporting small marginalized communities (like small black-owned businesses)

  9. Encourage Accountability

  10. Respecting Freedom of Expression

  11. Supporting Progressive legislation

  12. Encourage critical thinking

  13. Create a symbol for the recognition and acknowledgement of unity

  14. Supporting racial justice

  15. Promoting tolerance and respect (the compiler's favorite one)

  16. Rejecting Divisive Rhetoric

  17. Standing Up for Women's Rights

  18. Respecting the Rights of Employees (and only hire adults of legal working age)

  19. Emphasizing Critical Consumerism

  20. Protecting customers from emotional, mental or physical harm.

  21. Foster a sense a belonging. Create a positive atmosphere

  22. Supporting a safe space for LGBTQIA+ and everyone

  23. Respect for human rights (no cocoa farmed illegally by trafficked and captive minors)

  24. Supporting LGBTQIA+ rights

  25. Embracing progressive values and recognize social progress

  26. Support Social Justice (I think I broke the AI)

  27. Taking a stand against discrimination of all forms

  28. Celebrating diversity! Yay a black-owned small business to support!

  29. Promoting inclusivity by creating an inclusive environment

It could be vital to the rest of this article's cherished reader's if they knew that this list of 30 items is opposed by MAGA. Island Sharks could not agree more with that list although there are probably more like 1000.

The "Paradox of Intolerance", as mentioned above, was created by a very, very, smart man. Philosopher Karl Popper described his paradox as the seemingly counterintuitive idea that "in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance." Essentially, if a so-called tolerant society permits the existence of intolerant philosophies, it is no longer tolerant. At Island Sharks Chocolate, we embrace this paradox and take a firm religious stance against intolerance and discrimination. NO MAGA ALLOWED. Bad MAGA!

By implementing this policy, we ensure that all customers can enjoy their chocolate experience free from political animosity and promote an environment of tolerance and respect. Its just too sweet to share with the haters.

As you get closed in the shark cage of chocolate activism under the literary sea, we encourage you to open up and enjoy a bar of chocolate with us to celebrate diversity and equality at Island Sharks -- the water out here is fine! We take pride in creating a haven where the love of chocolate unites individuals from all walks of life. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the sheer bliss of our handcrafted remedies. Especially our MOST dedicated readers who have made it this far, dot dot dot Are you sure you looked at all our Hawaii Craft Chocolate and Cacao Teas? Check and I'll wait. They will improve your meditation, creativity, energy levels and much more. Wait until you see what this can do for your skin!

Discover the finest and most authentic craft chocolate selection in Hawai'i and immerse yourself in the world of indelible flavors and textures with our stone-grinding and hand-pouring. From silky-smooth plant-based milk chocolate to gritty, traditional Mexican style dark chocolate, our meticulously hand-moulded, bars, are a testament to our comprehension knowledge and experience. The Island Sharks bars come from the 10 + years of this business's chocolate-making experience. Indulge your senses and let the velvety, luxurious notes of our transportive bars take you too a bananas, state of mind. Remember, industrial equipment and multi-million dollar operations are NOT craft chocolate. Thats not what we do.

By choosing our small-batch 50 gram tablets you are not over-doing it by eating a whole bar. They are not small, just wide. A portion of our proceeds goes towards the non-for-profit 501c(3) Pono Cocoa. Their initiative promotes small cacao farms and small chocolate-makers. Its so helpful in world of constant advertisements and streaming media everywhere, to actually have support helping your brand "break-through", all of those consumer's bubbles. The chocolate market is split between slave-chocolate and slave-free chocolate. So, the choice is easy, but look for the Pono Cocoa seal or certification to be certain your cacao or chocolate is child-slave free. A whole bar being eaten just means less child-slavery. You should feel a decrease in guilt after a whole one.

Tasting elevates your chocolate experience, as a whole. So, eating a whole bar may fatigue your palate. With your taste buds offline its hard to taste anything. Join our exclusive subscription of hand-poured craft chocolate and / or phenomenally good cacao tea. As a subscriber, you also gain access to special courses, limited-edition releases, discounts and invitations to exclusive events and more!. Most importantly, you'll get access to palate cleansers, so you can finally rejuvenate your taste buds. Indulge in the best craft chocolate and unlock a world of tasty privileges all within just one tiny chocolate brand..

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience -- like no other. Our knowledgeable and friendly online staff are always ready to assist you, offering personalized recommendations and ensuring your visit to our online chocolate paradise is truly memorable. While the latter is true, and we do have an apprentice we're proud of, there is no, staff. Its just me, this author and 2 others so your customer experience really is the lifeblood of our small business. This is why we LOVE talking to you all one-by-one. Many customers have become good friends.

The Supreme Court's decision regarding free speech and same-sex marriage has sparked important discussions on the balance between individual expression and equality. We champion the values of the constitution, inclusivity and respect. Create a heaven where everyone can savor the finest chocolates in an atmosphere of acceptance and celebration. Heaven. "They will come..."

"If a human identifies anything other than a Man/Woman please seek services at a local pet groomer, You are re not welcome at the salon. Period," Lorie preaches. Does that make MAGA a gender-identity? Don't know, don't care. In this blog, we have an oxygen tank thats full of air so we can rhetorically go anywhere from here...

Join us on this humane and decadent foodie swim, where chocolate transcends boundaries and brings people together. Experience the joy, flavor, aloha and warmth that only Hawai'i Craft Chocolate Makers can provide. We will keep the steel bars in place, as you surface for the first time and glare at this author through your slightly foggy diving mask. For keeping the reader submerged in such semi-religious/political nonsense for too long, this writer wants to know if the reader is frustrated with me. Has this article crossed any boundaries for you because the level of appreciation for you is as high as the adrenaline levels of someone who just did a shark cage dive.

Remember, every bite you sink your teeth into supports our commitment to unity, and positive social change. Together, let's chum life's sweetest tenderest moments with a, "snap",and a delicious melt as you climb back aboard your boat, dry off in the sun and sail away forever from such a cheesy metaphor and cringe writing tactics. Go be yourself again, just don't be a flavorless, bland and chocolate-less cultist.



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Great thought provoking article! Yes, we must not tolerate intolerance! Thank you.

Ethan Swift
Ethan Swift
Sep 09, 2023
Replying to

I appreciate your support!!!

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