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The "Bigger" Lie

No, this article is not about Trump, any election or the news at all. The lie in this article is about caffeine being good for you. Coffee, may be fine short-term in small amounts. Reader's interest in this post makes them good candidates for knowing the more about coffee's long term use and in large amounts -- coffee's truth.

People drinking lots of coffee
A Reflection on American Coffee Culture

People were given coffee to cover up chronic fatigue, constipation, depression and brain fog. They began drugging themselves to cover up these symptoms in the 1940's. Now its used just to "get-by" in daily-life. It's 2022 now, and coffee has become the most bought and sold good in the world. Who was told this massive lie about coffee helping? Everyone from baby boomers to zoomers. The focus of the research herein was on American coffee drinkers, misinformation on coffee and lack of information on better substances. The same health symptoms persist in and are over treated with caffeine to this day! Note that all the above covered-up symptoms reveal major underlying health issues. Collectively and generationally Americans still use coffee as a topical salve, and continually suffer the same symptoms as their own parents and grandparents.

Main side effects of caffeine
80 Year Old Solvable Coffee Side Effects

While billions of people stay sick and promote an unhealthy caffeine driven work / life balance the US alone makes $450 billion dollars a year in coffee sales. Its not going to stop. It does taste great though. That's about 70% of all the world's coffee! And that was in 1940! So where is all this going? Our "Bigger" lie, as per the title, is specifically that caffeine (or coffee) gives you energy. It actually depletes energy levels, after use. What you think is energy in the short term is actually adrenaline, pumping. This is somewhat common knowledge as most people experience how pervasive coffee and the culture of drinking it is.

Hipster With Coffee
Hipster With Coffee

Yeah. Adrenaline activates your fight or flight response. Always over nothing. Who hasn't been over - dosed on coffee and then over reacted? Did it help? That feeling is adrenaline fueled even after just a few sips of brew. Adrenaline, is simply just a stress hormone. We've all been bigly lied to. Regular, heavy coffee drinkers are all headed to caffeine crashes, fixes or just straight up addiction.

Chemicals in coffee
The "Drugs" in Coffee and What They Turn Into

There is another stimulant in nature however, that is similar to the caffeine in coffee. It's called theobromine and its 1 of 3 or 4 chemicals known as methylxanthines, although there are derivatives. Theophylline is another and caffeine is the last. Here are some foods with stimulating and or mind - clearing / energy - lifting chemicals that are not methylxanthines;

American Ginseng L-theanine Ginkgo Biloba Cordyceps Rhodiola Rosea MCT Coconut Oil Theobromine Cacao

Forget green tea. Maybe? Sure, matcha and Japanese Tea Ceremonies are beautiful and ancient but think about all that caffeine one would be drinking? Sure it's psychoactive, but, really? Taken from

Cacao Vs. Coffee
Coffee Vs. Cacao

Let's talk about one of those above coffee "breaks"... Theobroma Cacao, or just cacao, contains caffeine too, but so little it doesn't stimulate the central nervous system. It scientifically won't get you hooked, jittery or excited. The stimulant theobromine occurs in its highest amounts in cacao. It's cacao's main stimulant although it carries all 3 methylxanthines. Shakes and withdrawals will happen afterward from coffee use and not just from its abuse. Understand that caffeine directly causes the "fight or flight" response, is not a side - effect. Coffee's many side effects are typically from caffeine and are well known and recognized world - round. Some we all know to well are:

Blurred vision Flushed skin



Anxiety Increased heart rate