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White Chocolate Recipes, you can't tell are Vegan

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Plant-Based Vegan White Chocolates are the way.

Did you know you can use almost anything to make white chocolate?

3 types of vegan chocolate
Vegan White Chocolate and More!

First, let's talk about what makes Vegan White Chocolate, Vegan White Chocolate.

Vegan Chocolate
Vegan Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Thats a lack of dairy. As it should be. If want to learn all the harm that comes from dairy please look it up on your own. The hazards are too severe to mention. This article will not cover other forms of "white" chocolate, such as, criollo strains, macambo, pataxte/jaguar or theobroma bicolor or any other in plant in the Malvaceae Family of small tropical mallow trees.

So, when we make white chocolate we leave out the dairy. We then add powderized plant mylk. Its fun and necessary. We even make it stone-ground "Mexican-style"to give an even more authentic feel.

You see the first chocolate recipes (that are not beverages) are called "gianduja", which essentially means chocolate with nuts. That means chocolate has been vegan for almost 4950 years. And when people started adding nuts, next came sugar.

White chocolate as you know it is only about 30 years old and is arguably considered "real". Congress was lobbied so "Big Chocolate" could legally sell it as chocolate and the legal definition includes having diary in it. So technically, Vegan White Chocolate doesn't exist. Neither does nut "mylk". You see, dairy has been successfully lobbying congress for 100 of years. You've probably even heard "Milk does a body good", no matter when you were born or where. Here's the thing. Milk doesn't. In fact cows do not even "give", milk. It has to be mechanically extracted post artificial insemination.

an anti milk poster
Vegan Chocolate Please

Milk can leach Calcium from our bones and cause osteoporosis. The rest of the hazards are all yours to research from now on I promise.

Cacao, the root ingredient in cocoa and all chocolate has more Calcium than milk anyway. Lets just get this out of the way. And it causes no known side effects. So Gianduja is back in bar form and folks call it Vegan White Chocolate. Its because we can make and use more plant based mylks than ever! Here are some classics ingredients in Gianduja being called Vegan White Chocolate these days:

Hazelnut, Rice Mylk Powder, Cashews, Oats, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Brazil Nuts, Coconut, Walnuts, Sesame Seeds, etc...

We went with coconut milk for our Gianduja Bar, sorry, Vegan White Chocolate. It is made Bean to Bar. The bean is Hand-pollinated Hawaiian Vanilla Beans! The Bar has been newly remade with less ingredients!!! Unlike most actual giandujas, popular vegan white chocolates are made with very very little cocoa or cacao mass. Ours is made with 0% cacao mass. So whats in our Bean to Bar Vegan White Chocolate (that name sounds much better) now? Even Less! We removed the guar gum and the tapioca maltodextrin!Now our formally named our Hawaiian 0% Vegan White Chocolate is just coconut milk, cocoa butter, organic raw sugar and of course that precious made at origin, bean to bar vanilla.

Our bar is the creamiest on the planet. It taste more like whole cream than even milk does! This thing is fresh out of paradise. The link is here. Taste one of the worlds newest Gianduja's, a rare #VeganWhiteChocolate, absolutely untypicaly 0% Cacao Mass. The FDA won't know what to call this. But you will! Check it out on our site here. And, I think its the FIRST AND ONLY in the state of Hawai'i!?


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