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What is Blonde Chocolate?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

A stack of blonde white chocolate
Craft Chocolate | Blonde White Chocolate

Blonde chocolate is basically caramelized white chocolate. It is considered its own type of chocolate because it has a very distinct roasted flavor. It tastes like caramel candy but is tempered like a bar of chocolate. Its not sticky like caramel either. You can purchase blonde chocolate from a few different makers.

Blonde Vegan White CHocolate
Caramelized Vegan White Chocolate

The best makers will make it right. Specifically blonde chocolate is roasted cocoa butter. When you stick the cocoa butter in the oven at 250 for about 50 minutes and stir every 10. Its so easy but rare. Its so delicious but uncommon.

Vegan White Chocolate
Roasted White Craft Chocolate

We are working on our blonde chocolate recipe here at Island Sharks Chocolate. Simultaneous we are working on several other new chocolate bar recipes. You see blonde chocolate would be great as a base for our 100% Ka'u Peaberry Coffee.

It would also be great as a salted caramel bar if we just added a little Hawaiian Sea Salt, or even local and salty seaweed.

Toasted Vegan Chocolate
Toasted Vegan White Chocolate

The possibilities are endless but there are only 3 types of chocolate. You know about blonde, now. You've heard of Dark and White Chococlate. So what are you missing? Ruby and Milk chocolate. You see, when you learn about ruby and milk you will see they are not vegan. They are in fact marketing ploys to get consumers to buy more chocolate. Ruby has dairy and milk, well, it has dairy. Chocolate is vegan. Real chocolate anyway.

Vegan Bean-to-Bar Chocolate
Vegan Craft Chocolate

So blonde chocolate is not always vegan. It can be made vegan and yes we can make a vegan "mylk" chocolate but here is the thing. Ruby cannot be made without dairy. So lets just call it "candy". Oh and milk chocolate? Call that chocolate with milk. It is easy to know what chocolate is what and how to call or name each type. You will see every other single company disagree with us and say there are 5 types of chocolate. Maybe four but until there is a vegan Ruby, we don't count it.

4 types of chocolate
Vegan White Chocolate | Vegan Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

New flavors will be released sometime between fall 2021 and spring of 2022 in small and super limited quantities. You are at the right website. Stay right here for announcements! Or sign up for our email list to be the first to know about our new announcements. Blonde chocolate is rare, done wrong and we don't sell it yet. But we are experimenting with it! Yum.

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What a great explanation of Blonde chocolate. I like the sound of it with Hawaiian Sea Salt, look forward to when you get that one on sale on the site! I cant wait.

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