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Hand-Made Craft Chocolate Delivered 

The Sharkey family's legacy is at the heart of Island Sharks Chocolate, perpetuated through one-of-a-kind, farm-to-bar chocolate methods passed down from father-to-son.
We do not use automation for every step of the process like other craft chocolate companeies. Ethan, disabled in 2016, is motivated to prove that his disability is not a barrier to achieving a meaningful contribution to the world, and brings his skills as a graphic designer and vegan chef to the business, creating beautiful and stunning branding and amazing, mind-blowing craft chocolate.



Island Sharks Chocolate was founded by Erin Sharkey (below) and Ethan Swift in 2019. This company is dedicated to preserving the decades old tradition of Sharkey family farm-to-bar chocolate-making in Hawaii. By sourcing ingredients from the Erin's Dad, Tom Sharkey, and all over these Islands, Island Sharks is not only creating delicious craft chocolate, but also promoting regenerative agriculture and providing employment opportunities for BIPOC and disabled


Mahalo plenty,

The Island Sharks Team

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The team works hard to establish long-term relationships with neighborhood and Hawaii-wide farmers, partners, and colleagues by always staying true to the 'aina (the Island) with humility and integrity.

Island Sharks Chocolate is Beyond Organic and non-gmo.  It is also off-the-chart delicious, decadent, delicate and authentic.  It tastes like Hawaii.  Supporting us represents a shining example of how even a rural small business can make their dream a reality...with a little help from family and some online friends.
No multi-million dollar fully-automated chocolate-making line or robots touch or wrap our bars despite Ethan's disabilities. We believe the integrity and mana of the chocolate is only preserved when working with cacao, one-on-one and personally connecting to this powerful plant ally.
The owner's/maker's built this website, run the social media, hand-pour each and every bar one by one and even hand-wrap them in gold foil.  The way craft chocolate is meant to be -- hand-crafted.
The whole Ohana's (family's) dedication to preserving hand-crafted legacy methods and promoting sustainable success despite adversity, makes Island Sharks Chocolate a must-try for anyone looking for a taste of the true spirit Hawaii...and world-class chocolate made from award winning Hawaii cacao beans.


Island Sharks Chocolate Hawai'i's only
Vegan, Black & Disabled Owned
Bean to Bar Online Chocolate Shop

And Check Out Our Hawaii Craft Chocolate Making Process!
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Contact us at
Or Write to: Island Sharks Chocolate
PO Box 1795, Hilo, Hawai'i 96721

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