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Island Sharks Chocolate is Hawai'i's only
Vegan, Black & Disabled Owned
Bean to Bar Online Chocolate Shop

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Island Sharks' Delicious Hawaii Craft Chocolate, Cacao Fruit & Cacao Tea From the Big Island of Hawaii!
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Erin Sharkey's & Ethan Swift's truly small-scale Hawaii farm-to-bar production is REAL craft chocolate.
Currently Apprenticing: Jennifer Jones (middle) 
Our exclusive terroirs from Hawaii create a luxurious, single-origin bouquet of chocolatey flavors, smooth melty and elevating to your senses. Dive into fin-tastic flavors & ceremony with  Island Sharks All Hawaii Chocolate, Fruit, Teas & Ceremonial Cacao.

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" My chocolate tea order arrived. Thank you so much for throwing in the mint. I think I'll add it to my next order. Interesting that you used dried leaves to pack. I asked an artist friend of mine if he wanted to use them in his collages. Another way to reuse. 🤎❤️

Love doing business with you..”


I finally read the craft Chocolate article.Thank you so much. I agree craft Chocolate is small batches! You are the master of chocolate 🍫."

— Sara,

"You've RUINED me! This is the best chocolate I've ever had, I don't care how you make it. Thanks a lot, now, I'm ruined for life."

— Mark

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