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Island Sharks Chocolate is Hawai'i's only
Vegan, Black & Disabled Owned
Bean to Bar Online Chocolate Shop

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At Ethan and Jen's small Hawaiian Craft Chocolate Craftory, the smells, aromas and flavors take you back! Guided by their over 4 years of dedication, and the promising talent of apprentice Jennifer, we offer a a collective 10 years in Hawaii Craft Chocolate Making. Our family owned brand is our only child! So everything is delicately cared for and nutured. We practice Self-I-Dentity Through Ho'oponopono to bring righteousness and perfection into your craft chocolate bars!

By imbuing the chocolate with sacred intentions and cleaning it with the "I love you, Thank you" process, our goal is that this chocolate will stir up and release all the memories of our collective unconscious, in the perfect and right order for our lives. Island Sharks chocolate has made us healthier, happier and more prosperous! Let go and let our ceremonial cacao do the work...

Grateful for heart-opening, mind-expanding and energy boosting cacao? Us too! We work, to do our best, to bring you the purest form of cacao in the world! The "Breathe of God" aka the Hāmākua Coast in Hawai'i is the origin that called us here (from the continental USA) to work with it. We answered that call, through years of trial and error, so that you can now sit back, relax and subscribe to Island Sharks Hawaii Grown Ceremonial Cacao and Craft Chocolate -- and have it delivered to you! May the cacao help you walk, and stay on the path of abundant heart-centered craft chocolate, with us.

Ethan and Jen  

Island Sharks' Delicious Hawaii Craft Chocolate, Cacao Nectar & Cacao Tea From the Big Island of Hawaii!
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" My chocolate tea order arrived. Thank you so much for throwing in the mint. I think I'll add it to my next order. Interesting that you used dried leaves to pack. I asked an artist friend of mine if he wanted to use them in his collages. Another way to reuse. 🤎❤️

Love doing business with you..”


I finally read the craft Chocolate article.Thank you so much. I agree craft Chocolate is small batches! You are the master of chocolate 🍫."

— Sara,

"You've RUINED me! This is the best chocolate I've ever had, I don't care how you make it. Thanks a lot, now, I'm ruined for life."

— Mark

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